Sunday, March 31, 2013

Idiots With Guns by Zina Saunders

The Constitution  of the United States not only guarantees the right to bear arms to intelligent, sane ordinary people, it also promises that any nut with a trigger finger has the right to own an  assault rifle. Some of us think this philosophy is absolutely crazy, but every time we citizens try to make our voices heard in Washington, we get drowned out by the NRA and the folks who make big bucks from selling guns and ammo to folks who should not even be allowed to play with matches.

Only in America, my friends and fellow-countrymen, where in the name of freedom we give any crackpot  the right to pack heat, do we have the most gun related murders and suicides in the world-- but  Yeeee Haw  we got our freedoms, yessirree. The freedom to feather one's own nest with  big $$$$ at the expense of the nation seems to trump everything else-- at least in Washington.  We are, after all, the largest munitions manufacturer and have the largest war machine in the world.  There are lots of profits to be made and many hungry political mouths to be fed.

Zina Saunders does wonderful satirical videos. You can check out her YouTube Channel for others, but here's one on America and the attitude of at least some of its gun owners. 


Matt said...

Granted the "idiots" depicted in this video are the archetypal variety. No perspective is given however on the attractive, blond gun toting idiot that bought the guns for the Sandy Hook massacre.

Roberta Kyle said...

Hi Matt. I presume you mean Adam Lanza's mother who bought the guns her son used legally and was herself a responsible gun enthusiast. Though her behavior in letting her mentally ill son play with guns was questionable, I will stop short of calling her an idiot out of respect for the price she paid. Her behavior is not addressed here because the video makes one simple point regarding a complex issue.
to wit: the thousands of shootings that have occured just in the last few years have been done by these "archetypes" i.e. mentally ill, psychologically unbalanced young men. These people should not be able to buy guns. If you are a responsible gun owner, I am sure you would agree.