Saturday, March 16, 2013

The GOP Clown Car Is Back at CPAC 2013

 CPAC2013 or for those of you who reside on planet earth and don't follow the GOP lunatic fringe very closely, the Conservative Political Action Conference, has drawn to a close and this year's event seems to have been a reprise by the crazy GOP clowncar we all remember from the 2012 Presidential primaries. CPAC2013 was run by folks who not only invited Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and even Donald Trump to speak from their podium, but also snubbed  the most bi-partisan, most popular Republican of them all, New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie. It seems Christie spent too much time congratulating President Obama on his handling of Hurricane  Sandy instead of indulging in pointless name calling.  Yes sireee, the inmates are still running the asylum and losing the Presidential election didn't teach them a thing.

Speaker after speaker got up during the three days of CPAC and made stunningly clownish comments. Lets' see--Donald Trump basically called the Republican party a bunch of idiots  for losing the Presidency.( well I have to admit that wasn't so crazy) but then he went on to  tell the crowd what a clever boy he is, implying that he would have made a much better candidate (yawn).  Sunday keynoter, Sarah Palin, trashed President Obama while drinking a soda and making jokes about New York City Mayor Bloomberg's ban on sugared drinks-- classy Sarah at her best. These two are just highlights but there was much more, with jaw dropping comments by the likes of Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich. .  Comedian, Bill Maher, referred to the three day event as " the open mic from hell" -- a good description IMHO.

Sarah Palin's Complete  CPAC Speech

On the last day of CPAC they traditionally take a straw poll to find out who conservatives like as a Presidential candidate for the next election.  This year the honors went to Senator Rand Paul of filibuster fame with Florida's Senator, Marco Rubio,  coming in a close second.

 Interestingly enough, Chris Christie, even though not even in the room, came in number four.  Looks to me like the clown car just might be running into some engine trouble and we may see a swing in the Republican party back to sanity, especially if the economy continues to improve and unemployment goes down.

Meanwhile, bring in the clowns.

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