Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Tsarnaev Brothers Are Losers Not Terrorists

Let's get something straight. Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,  the brothers responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing and 176 casualties including 3 deaths and 17  critical injuries, are punks or, as their Uncle said in the video below at a press conference yesterday, " losers who couldn't fit in". To call them " terrorists" elevates their status to something approaching  heroic as in, warriors, idealists giving their lives for a cause greater than themselves, or something other than narcissistic cowards.  Let's not romanticize these guys.  They were indeed losers, punks, misfits and just the sort of young, testosterone-fueled guys Islamic extremists encourage as canon fodder and nothing more. These guys are to Islam, what The Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity--LOSERS! ( thank you @Yasira jaan)

 Let's review a few facts.   The SUV the boys took off in a day after the bombing while Boston was crawling with police was track-able by GPS. With the cops in hot pursuit, they threw home made grenades out the windows(not great military tactics) until there was a stand off. When cornered,Dzokhar gunned the SUV, ran over his brother, and dragged him to his death. Then, he took off to hide in a boat in a backyard in Watertown. Oh, did I mention that what started the chase was the boys trying to hold up a convenience store and shooting an MIT campus cop to death? Not the actions of well disciplined trained guarillas wishing to avoid detection, are they?. Like I said-- punks and losers.

It may be true that the older brother went back to Russia and tried to connect with Chchen rebels, but I bet they didn't want anything to do with such a loose canon and I also bet the bulk of his radicalization took place in Boston, online and in his own mind.  Surely, Boston was where he was when he was posting jihadi videos on YouTube and bitching all over Facebook about how he didn't have any American friends.

On the other hand, he seems to have married an American girl and has a three year old daughter. And, he seems to have had trouble finding a career path or even a job. Obviously he was a troubled dude, trying to make it on his own and not doing very well.  I am guessing that his wife threw him out as I read somewhere that he had an arrest for domestic violence.  That would explain why, if he was a husband and father, he was living with his brother in a squalid, ramshjackle apartment  instead of with his wife and child.

What better way for a self hating, self pitying piece of human garbage to try and make himself feel heroic than to see himself as a martyr for Islam? The reality was,he did not fit in, either in Russia or America. To avoid this painful reality, he projected his anger onto his adopted country, took his kid brother along for the ride and ended up basically committing suicide by cop.  Tamerlan is not someone mothers hope their sons will grow  up to be like.  No sireee, not by a long shot.

 I feel sorry for the family.  My prayers are with them as well as the real victims of this atrocity.  But I do not feel sorry for these two misguided young men.  Don't give them the dignity of calling them " terrorists"  They are nothing but a couple of punks.  The older one is dead. The younger one will recover, will be tried as an American citizen in an American court and will do lots of time in an American prison if he is lucky.  If he is not so lucky, and is tried in Federal Court, he could end up dead too.  We have the death penalty here in America, you know. And from time to time, we use it.

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