Sunday, October 28, 2012

Just A Few Reasons to Vote For Obama

 Why I'm Voting for Obama Again

The video  outlines some of the major accomplishments of the Obama administration-- like ending the Iraq war, cutting taxes for the middle class and working poor, passing a  health care bill, regulating banks,saving the auto industry and finally, in contrast to Bush's posturing and " dead or alive remarks, Obama just went out and got Osama bin Laden. That's enough to get my vote.

 But wait, there's more.......President Obama also managed to repair our reputation with our friends and allies abroad and  chart a sane foreign policy and to do everything he did by not sinking to the absurdly bigoted and ignorant level of the very hostile and corrupt Congress he had to work with.   Read the President's plan for job creation and fixing the economy during his next term here.

 If he could do all that he has done in less than four years, why wouldn't we want to give him four more?  He's just barely gotten started cleaning up the mess Bush left him.

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