Friday, October 2, 2009

Sarah Palin Going Rogue

Now we know why Sarah Palin resigned as Governor of Alaska three months ago. It was so she could finish her million dollar memoir in time for the big pre-Christmas selling season.

Wise choice, Sarah, for you and for the nation. I love the title and the cover( just released by Harpers) It's called Going Rogue: An American Life, and the cover features a big photo of Palin against a blue sky. Media genius if you ask me.

Would you believe that though still on pre-order, the book is already number one on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble even though it won't actually be available till Novemeber 17th? Talk about star power ! It all bodes very well for the Palin bank account. Sarah and the First Dude will be in clover. Wonder how long it will be before they leave Alaska for the lower 48?

From here it is only a hop skip and a jump to her own talk show, and big bucks on the speaker circuit. She'll be able to influence public opinion and she'll be making enough money to buy all the designer clothes and Botox she wants. Who needs a career in politics with all that in the offing?

She'll get lots of attention which is what she really craves, and the rest of us can breathe a sigh of relief that she is off the international political stage. What was John McCain thinking, anyway?

I can tell you one thing, much as I disliked Sarah Palin as a political candidate, I like her as an author and media personality. I can't wait to read the Going Rogue. My name is already on the list over at Amazon. If you want to add yours, you can use the Amazon widget below. I, for one, am delighted that Sarah Palin is moving towards celebrity and away from statesmanship. She'll be doing what she's good at and the world will be a safer place. Go Sarah!!!


Stephanie said...

Perhaps a more fitting title for the self-proclaimed pitbull with lipstick would have been "going rouge," instead of "going rogue." Don't blush now, Sarah... wait until after your next big interview/gaffe.

pinkpackrat said...

Oh I love it-- going rouge LOL

JamaGenie said...

How appropriate that Amazon's price is 46% off list ($28.99). Perhaps because the person on the cover - notice I didn't say "author" - only has roughly half a brain??

The title Going Rogue is equally appropriate, but I certainly wouldn't vote for anyone claiming to be one. "Rogue" means "loose cannon" - unpredictable and not in a good way.

btw, how many times do you suppose "gosh darn" will appear in those 482 pages?? Better yet, what can the Alaskan Airhead possibly have to say that could fill 482 pages? Methinks a book of beauty tips is more her area of expertise. ;D

JamaGenie said...

Oh, and bravo, Steph! Going ROUGE - perfect!! Didn't realize we were on the same track until after I submitted the first comment.