Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stand Up for the American Soldier

Who will stand up for the American soldier? Did you know that more American soldiers kill themselves after they get home than are killed on the battlefield? Did you know that the alcoholism rate for returning veterans is four times the national average and the divorce rate is through the roof?

Healing wounded bodies is a piece of cake compared to healing wounded minds. Yet officialdom often denies the existance of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Who Will Stand is an eye opening, gut wrenching documentary about what our military families face when the soldier returns home from battle, often alone and with little official help or acknowledgement. The two hour film, which won a best documentary award at the 2009 Cinema City International Film Festival exposes some unpleasant truths that all American citizens, should give some serious thought to.

It will be featured at a special Veterans Day screening in Las Vegas on November 11, 2009, which coincides with a special BloggersUnite program to raise funds for the various Veterans organizations featured in the film. Even if you can't make it to Las Vegas for Veterans Day, there is plenty you can do.

Watch the trailer below and then visit the Who Will Stand website for further information. You can order a DVD or find upcoming showings. If you want to take action, they have a page with suggestions on how to do it and direct links to the organizations they recommend. Oh and one last thing-- profits from the film go to organizations that help returning soldiers. So, my fellow Americans-- let's do our bit. Let's stand up for the American soldier.


Rich said...

Thanks so much for sharing your insights into Who Will Stand.

We are working to help the producers of this Nov. 11 in their efforts to gain even more exposure for the organizations involved in serving veterans.

We'd be honored if you can join us and a growing number of bloggers to support of this effort.

All my best,

pinkpackrat said...

Hi Rich and thanks for your comment and kind invitation. Wish I could accept but I'll be there in spirit.

Good for Bloggers United and for the producers of this extraordinary film. The Veterens Day screening should be a very special event

Stephanie said...

Such an important subject! Thank you for blogging about it. My grandfather served in the South Pacific in WWII. He could never talk about his experiences - not even until he died 2 years ago. He smoked heavily, and drank for years. The pain of his memories appeared to be too great to share with anyone else.

pinkpackrat said...

Thanks Stephanie. Your granfather's experience is similar to my father's-- I think that the reality of war never changes from generation to generation.