Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chile Earthquake Updates

By now we all know about the M 8.8 earthquake that hit Chile at 3 am local time this morning. I've been watching the story unfold both online and on TV since I woke up this morning .

I'm thinking about all the people affected by this and wondering what it is about earthquakes. I'm not the only one. The earth seems to be moving a lot these days.

As of now the death toll stands at 100 and is expected to rise and places in the Pacific from The USA west coast, to Hawaii and Samoa are bracing for a possible tsunami.

Where I'm Getting Updates

CNN is offering minute to minute updates on TV and at onlline. Also, on the CNN website, iReports are beginning to filter in from the quake area, from citizen journalists and offer a good view of what is going on on the ground for ordinary people.

There is streaming, real time video online here. It's in Spanish, but even if you can't follow the audio, the pictures are worth 1000 words.

The New York Times is practically live blogging on The Lede, which is offering frequent updates on the whole situation from all over. As always, it's a useful source of information.

Twitter is the way to stay really on top of things. Check out the hashtag #earthquake. It's hoppin

I'm just posting this quickly in an effort to share the sources I'm using to keep up with the quake. More later. If you have any sources to add, feel free to add them in the comments

Gotta go out and shovel my car out of yesterday's foot of snow. Hmmmm It's not nice to fool with mother nature. She doesn't really like it. I'm thinking the weather is getting really weird all

Update- Saturday night

The death toll has climbed to over 200 and will go higher The tsunamis never really materialized ( Thank God) and there's more good information onine. Huffington Post has added a great page of videos and live updates on the earthquake. Check it out here


Susan Deborah said...

The earth is shaking a lot these days.

The tsunami warning in Hawaii is cancelled. Thank heavens!

It feels frustrating when one watches people die and suffer. Nature is sometimes overwhelmingly dispassionate about life.

Joy and peace,

Anonymous said...