Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughts on the Health Care Summit

I watched the health care summit today. It was fascinating. I couldn't tear myself away.

When I wasn't watching it on TV I was streaming it online and I must say it was nice to see Democrats and Republicans actually sitting around a table discussing the issues rather than yelling insults and spinning half truths at each other.

It was also refreshing to see the meeting led by a President who has not only mastered critical thinking, but who can also manage to string two declarative sentences together without tripping over his own tongue. Well, there I said it. I couldn't help thinking about George Bush. But that is the last thing I'll say about him.

Clearly, I am a Democrat. I'd be happy with a government- run, single- payer health care system, or what people are calling " Medicare for All." Since that isn't going to happen, I'll settle for the public option but we must do something. The current system is totally broken. The personal stories coming from both sides of the aisle were bone chilling.

I think the men and women sitting in that room, both Democrat and Republican felt a glimmer of hope. I know I did. For the first time I really understood the vast difference in the vision of Government held by Democrats and Republicans as the Republicans explained their position logically. Each side stopped the other from outrageous political grandstanding and they really got down to brass tacks. You could feel the mood change as both sides relaxed.

By the end of it, I, at least, felt that a workable compromise just might be possible. It felt good to see people listening to each other instead of hurling insults and it was amazing to watch the two sides gingerly admit they might have more in common than they thought they had. I was thrilled to watch the system move out of gridlock and begin to work.

I'm turning off the TV now and breathing a sigh of relief. Thank God we have an intelligent grown up in the White House who isn't afraid to take the initiative and actually lead. Hooray for the Health Care Summit. I think it just might lead to something good.


Susan said...

that's the most heartening thing I've read about politics in a long time. Thanks, Pink!

pinkpackrat said...

You are most welcome Susan-- I know I am being a cockeyed optimist-- but that's the way it felt to me and I hope I am right. If not, it's reconciliation time< shrugs shoulders>