Saturday, March 12, 2011

Something Is Wrong With America

So listen up my fellow Americans. Something is dreadfully wrong with our country,  and I just came across a video that explains it all  in simple, easy to fathom terms.  It just knocked my socks off.  So I decided to post it here as my week-end video.

I suspect it was made in 2008 as part of Obama's campaign, but it sure holds up well and is perhaps even more relavent three years later.

It outlines the problem for us.  Now WE have to come up with a solution. 


Endithinks said...

Thank you for sharing this. I've tweeted it cause I want others to see it. Damn good.

pinkpackrat said...

and thank you for passing it on. We really must DO something soon.

Ann said...

Saw the documentary "Collapse" last night, interview with Michael Ruppert. You might be interested. My take away was that it takes 7 gallons of oil to make one tire. We better change our fossil fuel based society quickly or we, not our children, will be in danger. Who care if Medicare won't be able to pay for our retirement, we won't be here anyway!