Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wall Street or Washington, Which is Worse?

One Ed Stein Cartoon is worth thousands of words, so I am not even going to try and comment on this new take on an old chestnut. I'll just say that  government is not a dirty word and markets are not perfect. I may not trust government totally, but I REALLY don't trust Wall Street and the high flying banksters who brought us world financial disaster in 2007

 Like Ed, I think that a Republican party that has been trying to undermine government for the past three years has made a rather odd choice in Mitt Romney, owner of Swiss bank accounts and former Massachusetts Governor.  But then, these are the folks who wanted Sarah Palin for veep last time around. There is just no accounting or taste:-)

I agree that we need help, but  I'm thinking Obama is a better bet than Wall Street. Four more years for me.

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