Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Elephant At The Obama Inauguration

The GOP Congress just can't seem to make up its mind, can it?  Seems like only yesterday the newly elected President Obama was trying the bi-partisan approach and getting stonewalled everywhere he went on Capitol Hill. 

Remember the summer of the healthcare debates,when gun toting tea partiers showed up at astro-turf rallies funded by big insurance and pharmaceutical interests? Remember the outrageous lies about death panels and such?  Remember Sarah Palin ( Sarah who?) and the shenanigans of the Republican candidates during the primaries? 

Make up your minds Pachyderms.  They say an elephant never forgets, but the Republican elephant seems to have a very selective memory these days.  Time to face the reality that the voice of the people has spoken and even if it is not the voice you want to hear, in a democracy, it is the voice that prevails.

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